Jim Parks

Defending our Way of Life

Stay in Touch!

Stay In Touch!

Rancher. Fighter.
Proud Arizonan.

Jim lives in rural Coconino county. Ranching has been in his family for generations. Like many of us, he makes his living off the land. Jim will fight to ensure our land remains intact and protected for use by farmers and ranchers. Jim is also a strong advocate for our Native American community and all of their traditions. He understands the issues families across the district face, and he will fight to preserve everyone’s way of life.



Jim will look out for farmers and ranchers, make sure we have clean water and air, and support common-sense environmental policies.

Second Amendment

Jim will protect our right to bear arms and work to preserve Arizona’s hunting and fishing heritage.

Strong on Native American Issues

Jim advocates for culture, jobs, veterans, and elder care for First Nations peoples.


As a Veteran, Jim knows we owe our freedoms to the brave men and women in uniform who protect them. He will see to it that government does right by our veterans.

Sanctity of Life

Every human life is precious. Jim is firmly pro-life and will never back down from upholding the rights of the unborn.

Accountable Government

We deserve a government that works for us, not against us. Jim will crack down on government waste, keeping Phoenix accountable to voters and taxpayers.

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